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Silence THIN ETM wall-mounted fan coil  Right unit, with cabinet, THIN 4 V on board thermostat version, featuring a modern design and reduced depth (130 mm), making the Silence THIN fan coil unit ideal for any space, perfectly blending in with the furniture.

It is available in different sizes depending on the requested heat output, it can be installed vertically on the wall or floor and connected to two-pipe systems with hot or cold water.

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The THIN-4-V version with on-board thermostat is able to create and maintain the ideal conditions for well-being all year round, in any residential space thanks to the SMART TOUCH controller with touchpad display on the front to control the ambient temperature, fan speed (3 available speeds), operating mode, and Super Silent function which adjusts the fan speed to the minimum in cooling and radiant mode only in heating.

The fan coil unit is equipped with the latest DC-INVERTER technology with high-performance permanent magnet fan motor, with speed and power regulation through the PWM electronic device, with noise reduction and power savings of up to 50%.

Air-to-water round-tube plate-fin heat exchanger coil in copper tubing with louvred, high-efficiency aluminium fins.

Supplied with air filter and condensate drain pan in ABS, for vertical and horizontal installation.

Cooling performance under the following standard nominal conditions:

- internal Air temperature = 27 (19) °C

- Water temperature = 7/12 °C


Heating performance under the following standard nominal conditions:

- internal Air temperature = 20 °C

- Water temperature = 45/40 °C


Information requirements for fancoils according to Regulation EU 2016/2281.

Performance according to EN 1397:2016, EN 16583:2015 standards.


Power supply: 230 Vac/1 ph/50 Hz.


Standard water connection on the right side (DU models) or on the left side (SU models).


Note: The water circulating in the exchanger must not exceed 60 °C.


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