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  • Caldeira Mini Bio Luxury



    - Compact size

    Can be installed in homes with limited space.

    - Fuel and energy savings

    They are designed to improve fuel and energy efficiency using energy efficient components and a Platinum Bio VG burner.

    - Durability

    High quality steel and the highest quality components ensure many years of fault-free operation. All new models are extensively tested for many months before being marketed.

    - Internet module

    All boiler and central heating system functions can be monitored remotely using a PC or a smartphone (optional).

    - A complete source of heat

    We offer complete solutions for boilers and heating systems.

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    Caldeira aquecimento central Carinci Eco

    On request

    The distinctive element of the Carinci Eco boiler is determined not only by the choice of the highest quality raw materials, but also by the choice of systems that provide maximum safety in use. Carinci Eco is a high-performance heating boiler, combined with any type of heating system: with traditional radiators or fan coils.

    For this product, you can have the help of a certified technician from the company CLÁUDIO MARQUES, so that the first ignition can be carried out. (call: 238692209)

  • Caldeira Mini Bio B 21KW


    21Kw pellet boiler.



    The Mini Bio Luxury B is a miniature boiler with a standard capacity of up to 295 l, it generates heat from any type of pellet, plus a mixture of pellets and oats. This is possible thanks to the innovative geometry burner, Platinum Bio VG.


    High quality steel and the highest quality components guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.


    All boiler and central heating system functions can be monitored remotely using a PC or smartphone (optional).

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    Boiler CH Automatic Insula Auto

    On request

    The range of CM Insula Auto boilers stands out for their robust construction with high durability, combined with a neat and pleasant appearance. The firing body is made of the highest quality steel and of great thickness, all its surroundings are double treated (zinc plate with electrostatic epoxy final treatment).

    In addition to being possible to use our metal silos, this model also allows the use of fabric silos with greater capacity. The various existing powers can be combined (cascade system) in order to obtain higher powers and thus allowing us to meet the needs of the installation.

  • Boiler Pellets - Semi automatic Insula Eco


    This boiler was designed so that its consumption is as low as possible, for this it uses a robust burning body, manufactured with high-thickness steel and the highest quality, high-efficiency smoke exchangers as well as refractory stainless steel retarders which aim to further increase efficiency and at the same time as a cleaning system for them. The smoke passages have been so improved that it is able to obtain an efficiency of 93%. This boiler, in addition to the quality already mentioned, also has a good appearance, neat and pleasant lines, combined with an unparalleled robustness. This boiler is guaranteed to be one of the most efficient on the market in its segment.

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    Caldeira Maxi Bio Spin

    On request



    A combustion process monitored by the oxygen sensor and Fuzzy Logic 2 controller ensures the lowest emission and fuel consumption.


    The highest quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers guarantee the highest reliability of our boilers.


    Innovative PLATINUM BIO SPIN rotary burner guarantees maintenance-free combustion of class A1, A2 and B pellets. The technology used allows to buy pellets up to 50% cheaper than those available for owners of other boilers (generally more expensive class A1 pellets).


    Can be fed with 6/8mm pellets

    *machine recommended for industrial use

  • Queimador Platinum Bio 24 KW


    The burner is virtually maintenance free. Simplified operation for the highest comfort.

    Burnt + Silo + Worm

  • Queimador Platinum Bio 32KW


    The burner is virtually maintenance free. Simplified operation for the highest comfort.

    Burner + Silo + Worm

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    Caldeira EEI Pellets Matic

    On request