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  • Caldeira Carinci Prestige


    3 BOILERS in one PRODUCT

    The new Carinci Prestige Series Boiler is a heat generator that works on pellets and firewood. The Combined Technology Carinci, present in it, with automatic ignition and programming to pellets and firewood.

    Feed fuels:

         Only with 6 / 8mm pellets

         Only with firewood

         Pellet / firewood combination

    Prestige's Combined Carinci Technology allows the switch from one fuel to another automatically.

    The new Carinci Prestige Boiler is suitable for the consumer who wants to have double food, either pellets or wood.

    For this product you can have the assistance of a certified technician from the company CLÁUDIO MARQUES, so that the first ignition can be done. (call: 238692209)