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Solar Painel Accessories

  • Termossifão Inox AQS ( águas quentes Sanitárias)


    Thermosiphon solar systems are the right solution for a quick, simple and economical installation of hot water heating. Just connect the mains water to the tank and take the hot water from the tank to the consumption points to take advantage of solar energy.

  • Solar hydraulic group


    The unit with a 3/4" solar circulation pump, fully assembled and tested, consists of:


    Flow meter with flow regulation with filling and draining valves.

    High efficiency solar synchronous circulation pump with cables.

    3-way flanged ball valve with 10 mbar check valve (which can be excluded by turning the handle 45°) supplied with thermometer in the handle (coded blue, range 0°C to 120°C).

    6 bar safety unit with pressure gauge ø50 mm 0-10 bar with 3/4” male connection to expansion vessel. End of drain side: 3/4”F.

    2-12 L/min

  • Glicol p/ sistema solar 10lts


    Anti-corrosion thermal transport fluid with low freezing point, based on monopropylene glycol, for flat plate solar collectors. Freezing point -28 ° C, working temperature up to 230 ° C, short-term superheat limit 290 ° C.

  • Tê compressão p/ painel solar 22-22


    T connection with probe support (probe Ø6 mm), nut and warhead for copper pipe.

  • Central Solar STDC

  • Central solar MTDC