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  • Recuperador aquecimento central Carinci


    Wood-burning central heating stove with innovative Carinci combustion technique (exclusive system), the user places the large wood at the bottom and the smaller one at the top, igniting the wood above and then the flame spreads throughout the combustion chamber. This innovative combustion technique guarantees notable advantages such as heating autonomy for up to 8 hours, rapid central heating and domestic hot water.

    It has ACQUAPLUS system by Carinci (exclusive system), allows you to have instant sanitary hot water even after the absence of fire for 10/12 hours.

    Recuperator with 81% yield.

    For this product, you can have the help of a certified CLÁUDIO MARQUES technician, so that the first ignition can be made. (call: 238692209)

  • Recuperador A.C Carinci com AQS Evolution 4.0


    Recovery with innovative combustion technique

    The innovative CARINCI EVOLUTION 4.0 combustion technique (exclusive patented system no. 1371478) consists of a simple principle, heating the combustion air before letting it enter the combustion chamber.

    The EVOLUTION 4.0 series has a system with two preheated combustion air inlets: primary air for combustion, secondary air for correct oxygenation throughout the combustion chamber.

    The two phases of double oxygenation for the combustion of the CARINCI EVOLUTION 4.0 Stove allow you to burn wood efficiently, obtaining maximum efficiency.