• Tubo rígido inox isolado

    On request

    Double stainless steel tube with 1mt rock wool insulation.

  • Joelho cobre FF 90º 76,1

  • Abraçadeira Inox espigão


    Stainless steel post clamp for stainless steel tube

  • Elemento termostático 3B and 5B 60º


    thermostatic element

  • Válvula Carinci 2 vias


    Full-pass, 2-way, female, motorized female ball valve, equipped with 2-way reversible servomotor, 3-point Common Open-Close control, complete with auxiliary micro switch with clean contacts, power supply 230V 50Hz IP 44.

  • Válvula Carinci 3 3 vias


    Motorized 3-way ball valve.

    Motorized 3-way female ball valve, female, full-pass type, equipped with a reversible servomotor rotation directions, 3-point control Common, Open and Close, with auxiliary micro switch with dry contacts.

  • Circulator pump for DHW



    Wet rotor circulators for hot domestic water systems.

  • 3-way motorized valve 1" 1/4


    Motorized 3-way 230 Vac valve with threaded tube union connection

  • Solar hydraulic group


    The unit with a 3/4" solar circulation pump, fully assembled and tested, consists of:


    Flow meter with flow regulation with filling and draining valves.

    High efficiency solar synchronous circulation pump with cables.

    3-way flanged ball valve with 10 mbar check valve (which can be excluded by turning the handle 45°) supplied with thermometer in the handle (coded blue, range 0°C to 120°C).

    6 bar safety unit with pressure gauge ø50 mm 0-10 bar with 3/4” male connection to expansion vessel. End of drain side: 3/4”F.

    2-12 L/min

  • Vaso expansão águas quentes sanitárias (AQS)


    Expansion vessels for domestic hot water systems in steel.

    All vessels equipped with stainless steel flange cover.

    Heating up to 65º.

  • Room thermostat TYBOX 117



    - Customizable programming for daily comfort

    - Savings of up to 25% on your heating bill

    - Easy to use with its central selector


    - X2D wireless external sensor to be associated with the TYBOX 137 package

    - Boiler or non-reversible heat pump control

    - Weekly schedule

    - Configuration of 2 different temperature settings

    - Option to schedule every 15 min, 30 min or hourly

    - Holiday program with integrated calendar

    - Boiler operation timer (except DHW)

    - Automatic time change: summer / winter

  • Room thermostat TYBOX 21



    - Displays room or setting temperature

    - Easy-to-read screen with backlight function


    - For radiant floor control