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  • Ar Condicionado R32 Xtreme Save - Midea


    With an elegant design, the Wall-mounted Split Xtreme Save presents an exceptional performance in terms of energy saving with a SEER 8.5. Equipped with the latest Inverter Quattro™, SmartSave and GearShift technologies, the units are extremely quiet and feature energy savings of up to 60%. The Wifi kit allows, through the Midea Air App, the parameterization of the air conditioning from anywhere.

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    Bomba de calor 16KW SB-KHBRD016V_RSQ


    This set contains:

    16KW Low Temperature Three-Phase Outdoor Unit (ERLQ016CAW1).

    Daikin Altherma 16KW 230V Low Temperature Indoor Unit (EHBX16CB3V).

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    Temperature sensor (FPP-3) CT4-HE


    Kostrzewa boiler temperature sensor with plum software.

    To replace the parts, a certified technician from the company Cláudio Marques may be required.

  • Towel radiator


    Towel radiators in steel and chrome are the ideal heat emitters for heating the bathroom, as well as for drying and heating

  • Painel fotovoltaico Phono Solar TwinPlus 550w


    The Phono Solar 550w TwinPlus Monocrystalline module presents an exceptional performance with great quality, reliability and confidence.

    It overcomes the barrier of 21% efficiency and is made of a high-strength aluminum structure.

    Get to know more information about this product, such as the full description, features, technical sheet and brand promotional video.

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  • Painel solar FMAX

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    Ar condicionado R32

  • Resistance Carinci ignition salamander 300w/ 170


    Spare part for carinci salamanders.

    To replace the parts, you can have the help of a certified CLÁUDIO MARQUES technician. (call: 238692209)

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    Burner temperature sensor CT2/0,4


    Made of 2×0.22 SIHF silicone wire.

    Temperature resistance up to 125 °C.

    Application - can be used as a temperature sensor:

    - feeder

    - boiler

    - hot water

    - return

    To replace the parts, a certified technician from the company Cláudio Marques is required.