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  • Ar Condicionado R32 Xtreme Save - Midea


    With an elegant design, the Wall-mounted Split Xtreme Save presents an exceptional performance in terms of energy saving with a SEER 8.5. Equipped with the latest Inverter Quattro™, SmartSave and GearShift technologies, the units are extremely quiet and feature energy savings of up to 60%. The Wifi kit allows, through the Midea Air App, the parameterization of the air conditioning from anywhere.

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    Temperature sensor (FPP-3) CT4-HE


    Kostrzewa boiler temperature sensor with plum software.

    To replace the parts, a certified technician from the company Cláudio Marques may be required.

  • Towel radiator


    Towel radiators in steel and chrome are the ideal heat emitters for heating the bathroom, as well as for drying and heating

  • Painel fotovoltaico Phono Solar TwinPlus 550w


    The Phono Solar 550w TwinPlus Monocrystalline module presents an exceptional performance with great quality, reliability and confidence.

    It overcomes the barrier of 21% efficiency and is made of a high-strength aluminum structure.

    Get to know more information about this product, such as the full description, features, technical sheet and brand promotional video.

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  • Painel solar FMAX

  • Resistance Carinci ignition salamander 300w/ 170


    Spare part for carinci salamanders.

    To replace the parts, you can have the help of a certified CLÁUDIO MARQUES technician. (call: 238692209)

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    Burner temperature sensor CT2/0,4


    Made of 2×0.22 SIHF silicone wire.

    Temperature resistance up to 125 °C.

    Application - can be used as a temperature sensor:

    - feeder

    - boiler

    - hot water

    - return

    To replace the parts, a certified technician from the company Cláudio Marques is required.

  • Bomba calor Monobloco M-Thermal Artic


    The M-thermal system consists of an air heat pump including an outdoor unit, hydraulic indoor unit, solar kit and a domestic water tank. A solution that can meet the needs of air conditioning, underfloor heating and domestic hot water, whose maximum outlet water temperature rises to 60℃. The system uses radiant floor heating mode to keep the room at the right temperature. Underfloor heating releases warm air throughout the home, providing high comfort and maximizing space, as it is not necessary to use radiators or fan coils.

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    Braseiro WO85 WO115 WO135


    Spare part for WO85, WO115 and WO135 salamanders from Witerofen.

    To replace the parts, a certified technician from Cláudio Marques is required.