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With an elegant design, the Wall-mounted Split Xtreme Save presents an exceptional performance in terms of energy saving with a SEER 8.5. Equipped with the latest Inverter Quattro™, SmartSave and GearShift technologies, the units are extremely quiet and feature energy savings of up to 60%. The Wifi kit allows, through the Midea Air App, the parameterization of the air conditioning from anywhere.



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Ultra energy saving

• Exceptional performance in terms of energy savings with a SEER of 8.8 and 8.5 (9 and 12,000 Btu/h models)

• Ionizer, releases negative ions into the environment neutralizing and eliminating bacteria, mites, odors and fungi in the air, providing a cleaner and healthier environment

• HEPA filter, captures small dust particles, bacteria and microbes that walk in the air

• Wifi remote control allows air conditioning parameterization through smartphone apps

• GearShift function for greater energy saving

• Energi Chip technology controls energy through advanced algorithms, allowing for superior energy savings

• Ultra-quiet noise level

• Adjustment of the maximum angle of the air flow direction, through the remote control, in order to avoid thermal shocks

• “iSensor” function

• Compressor and fans DC Inverter

• Quattro™ Inverter Technology

• The application of an interface allows connection to a centralized controller CCM09, CCM15, CCM30

• Receives external On/Off and provides alarm signal

• Leak detection system

• Indoor units compatible with the multi-split range

• Arctic Fox remote control

• “Golden Fin” anti-corrosion treatment

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