Centralina digital TC 110-23A-07

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The electromechanical controllers of the TC110 effectively manage the fireplace heating system. The different solutions for the cover plate make the TC110 also versatile in terms of design.

Can control up to 6 types of system

Through the entries it is possible to read:

- the system delivery temperature

- the system return temperature

- the storage temperature of the boiler / domestic hot water

- the flow switch authorizes the withdrawal of DHW

Through the outputs, it is possible to control the system devices, such as:

- System pump

- Circulation pump / solenoid valve

- Authorized gas boiler

- Service



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Supply voltage: 230/115 Vac 50/60 Hz

Fuse: T 3.15 A

N.03 Input: electronic sensor, probes, flow switch, room thermostat

Temperature measuring range: -40 ÷ 120/260 ° C

N. 04 Maximum output to be controlled: On / Off 5A 250 Vac

Output configuration: free contacts / line voltage 230 Vac

Dimensions: 3 module / wall inbox

Cover plate: TiEmme, Vimar, Ave

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