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Probe Lambda ML-2

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The Lambda probe module is used to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases.

Using the Lambda probe module has several advantages:

- carbon monoxide emissions to the atmosphere are reduced,

- fuel consumption decreases,

- the useful life of the boiler components is extended.

The module offers 2 communication options:

- analog voltage output (0-5V),

- automotive known by the CAN bus.

To replace the parts, a certified technician from the company Cláudio Marques is required.



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Spare part for fusilogic, luxury and maxi bio boilers.

Application of the latest generation Bosch wideband lambda probe allows an accurate measurement of the oxygen content throughout its range (0-20.9%).

With accurate measurements such a large-scale controller is able to precisely control the combustion process over a wide range of power.

The applied oxygen sensor is equipped with an electrical heater, heating the probe which provides a correct measurement regardless of the exhaust gas temperature.


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