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  • Caldeira Carinci Prestige


    3 BOILERS in one PRODUCT

    The new Carinci Prestige Series Boiler is a heat generator that works on pellets and firewood. The Combined Technology Carinci, present in it, with automatic ignition and programming to pellets and firewood.

    Feed fuels:

         Only with 6 / 8mm pellets

         Only with firewood

         Pellet / firewood combination

    Prestige's Combined Carinci Technology allows the switch from one fuel to another automatically.

    The new Carinci Prestige Boiler is suitable for the consumer who wants to have double food, either pellets or wood.

    For this product you can have the assistance of a certified technician from the company CLÁUDIO MARQUES, so that the first ignition can be done. (call: 238692209)

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    Recuperador aquecimento central Carinci


    Wood-burning central heating stove with innovative Carinci combustion technique (exclusive system), the user places the large wood at the bottom and the smaller one at the top, igniting the wood above and then the flame spreads throughout the combustion chamber. This innovative combustion technique guarantees notable advantages such as heating autonomy for up to 8 hours, rapid central heating and domestic hot water.

    It has ACQUAPLUS system by Carinci (exclusive system), allows you to have instant sanitary hot water even after the absence of fire for 10/12 hours.

    Recuperator with 81% yield.

    For this product, you can have the help of a certified CLÁUDIO MARQUES technician, so that the first ignition can be made. (call: 238692209)

  • Caldeira Twin Bio Luxury



    - Pellets, Firewood and Oat Pellets

    Twin Bio Luxury is compatible with all types of pellets, firewood and oat pellet mixes (50%/50%).

    - Economy

    The innovative Platinum Bio VG burner automatically adjusts its parameters to the building's heat demand.

    - Extremely durable

    All of our devices go through a series of tests to verify flow rates, resistance and voltages.

    - Safety

    When the controller receives information about an irregularity, the device is disabled and a message is displayed on the boiler controller.

    - Internet module

    All boiler and central heating system functions can be monitored remotely using a PC or a smartphone (optional).

    - A complete heat solution

  • Caldeira aquecimento central combi Box 160





    The Carinci Combi Box 160 Boiler must be connected directly to the system, as all the hydraulic components are already mounted inside. The hydraulic system has two circuits, the first with an open vessel to ensure maximum safety, the second with a closed circuit to ensure the correct pressure in the system and the correct circulation of the heat transfer fluid to the radiators. To simplify installation, the two circuits are already connected to each other via a plate heat exchanger.

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    Bomba de calor inox monobloco AQS Ekallor 100 A+


    Microprocessor on digital base with LCD screen

    – Electric support mode, with electric BOOST to water;

    – High-efficiency compressor operation ensures low-noise operation; – Bacteriological disinfection mode (anti-legionella);

    – Includes magnesium anode;

    – Duplex stainless steel accumulator | Refrigerant gas R134a;

    – Auxiliary coil, to combine with various heat sources, solar panels and greenhouses (Except for model BC100);

    - Possibility of combining with various heat sources in versions with auxiliary coil (solar panels, pellet boilers, wood boilers, etc.).

    – Operating temperature up to 60°C/max

  • Painel fotovoltaico Phono Solar TwinPlus 550w


    The Phono Solar 550w TwinPlus Monocrystalline module presents an exceptional performance with great quality, reliability and confidence.

    It overcomes the barrier of 21% efficiency and is made of a high-strength aluminum structure.

    Get to know more information about this product, such as the full description, features, technical sheet and brand promotional video.