Recuperador A.C Carinci com AQS Evolution 4.0

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Recovery with innovative combustion technique

The innovative CARINCI EVOLUTION 4.0 combustion technique (exclusive patented system no. 1371478) consists of a simple principle, heating the combustion air before letting it enter the combustion chamber.

The EVOLUTION 4.0 series has a system with two preheated combustion air inlets: primary air for combustion, secondary air for correct oxygenation throughout the combustion chamber.

The two phases of double oxygenation for the combustion of the CARINCI EVOLUTION 4.0 Stove allow you to burn wood efficiently, obtaining maximum efficiency.

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Combustion is the most important element in a fireplace, as all the calorific value of wood that is not converted to energy is lost in performance.

The innovative CARINCI combustion technique (EXCLUSIVE PATENTING SYSTEM No. 1371478) consists of a simple principle, heating the combustion air before it enters the combustion chamber.



  The CARINCI fireplace stove, thanks to its unique and innovative combustion technique, allows the user to charge it by placing the large wood at the bottom, the small one above and lighting the fire from above. This rapid ignition technique ensures homogeneous combustion, burning the wood from top to bottom, evenly and gradually, exploiting maximum fuel efficiency, significantly reducing the production of smoke and pollutant emissions.


  The A.Q.S SYSTEM, designed by the Carinci Group, allows the collection of domestic hot water with little fire, at low temperatures (already at 40 ° C) and even with the fire extinguished for at least half a day after the shutdown.


- Easy loading

- Simplicity in ignition

- Diffuse flame

- Heating speed

- Wood preheating

- Heating autonomy

- Low polluting emissions

- With a single load of wood up to 6/8 hours of heating

- Go out with complete freedom and security without having to take care of it

- Practical and quick to clean

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